INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis family makes an emotional plea for help after a woman was found dead along Interstate 70 on the far east side.

The woman’s death marked a double dose of tragedy for her family.

Looking down from an INDOT camera just west of Cumberland road, Indiana State Police were called to investigate a homicide just before 7:30 Tuesday morning, when a woman was found dead in the gravel of the interstate crossover.

“I’m feeling sad and hurt and pain. It’s just tragic,” said the victim’s grandmother Edwina Hogan.

Edwina still doesn’t understand why someone killed her granddaughter, 21-year-old Dai-Ghia Hogan.

Picture of Dai-Ghia Hogan

“I haven’t heard anything,” said Edwina. “You just never know. It’s just a hurtful and painful situation.”

The family’s pain is magnified by the fact that last May Dai-Ghia’s older sister, 23-year-old Diasia Hogan, and Diasia’s 2-week-old daughter Colette died in this car crash on Indy’s east side, near Franklin and Roy road.

“Somebody hit them head-on and killed them,” said Edwina.

That accident devastated the whole family and took an emotional toll on Dai-Ghia over the last year.

“Of course, she missed her sister because they were so close,” said Edwina.

While State Police are treating Dai-Ghia’s death as a homicide, they wouldn’t say exactly where she was killed.

“This is still early in the investigation. We’re working through those things,” said ISP Captain Ron Galaviz. “So again that’s why we’re really asking for the public’s help.”

Speaking outside their home, Edwina and Dai-Ghia’s father pleaded with the public to help police find her killer.

“This person is out there and if they’ll do it to one person, they could do it to somebody else,” said Edwina. “It’s really a horrifying situation.”

Pictures of Diasia and Colette Hogan

Although there is an INDOT camera at the crossover, State Police have not specified if that camera actually recorded video of a suspect or not.

At this time investigators do not have a description of any suspect or suspect vehicle.

Anyone traveling in that area during the early morning hours, who may have either witnessed this incident or vehicles turning into or out of the cross-over is asked to contact the Indiana State Police at (317) 899-8577.