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KOKOMO, Ind. (Oct. 30, 2014) — Those close to a man murdered over the weekend spoke to FOX59 after the arrest of his ex-girlfriend, who’s been accused of using her granddaughter’s grave to hide evidence.

Court paperwork revealed that Corey Story, 45, died from shots to his back and to the back of his head. He was killed inside the home where he worked as a caretaker for a disabled man.

“It’s just crazy. I don’t have any words for it,” Story’s cousin, Andre Gillard, said.

Gillard first spoke to FOX59 on Monday, begging for help in the case. He got his wish: just 24 hours later, an anonymous source came forward saying Cynthia Coates’ daughter had told them her mom killed someone.

Coates was arrested later that day and charged with murder.

Court paperwork revealed that the source told police Coates buried evidence at her granddaughter’s grave. Police served a search warrant and found Story’s keys, cell phone battery and other evidence buried between headstones.

“Just horrific. I can’t understand how anybody would even do those things to somebody,” Gillard said.

Gillard said Story had lived with Coates for nearly a year, but recently broken it off and moved in with a friend.

That friend, Michu Minor, told FOX59 that he had mentioned problems with Coates before his death.

“He told me that … she just kept on calling him and texting him and he just never responded to her,” Minor said.

Court paperwork also revealed that Story told a woman he’d recently begun dating about the problems, too.

“(Coates) keeps calling, texting and driving past his new residence. She also advised that Corey told her that, ‘The crazy b**** is going to kill me,'” that paperwork detailed.

Minor and Gillard both thanked Kokomo Police for making a quick arrest in the case and the public for their help solving it.

“I just want to thank everybody that came forward with information on the case,” Minor said.

For Gillard, though, even the relief of a case closed doesn’t bring back his cousin.

“I’d always either see him riding by here in his car or riding by here on his moped and … when I sit here on my porch, that’s all I think about is I won’t see him going around that corner ever again,” Gillard said.

Coates is being held without bail. Her first court hearing is scheduled for next week.