Family seeks answers after Indy man is murdered inside his home, dumped in Ohio

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Police are searching for answers in a murder mystery spanning two states.

In mid-May, an Indianapolis man was found murdered in Ohio, but investigators with IMPD now say the killing took place in a home near 19th and Rural.

The victim is 57-year-old Adolph Hunter, who was known affectionately as Rick.

Two days after Rick’s body was found dead in Ohio, police searched his home. Investigators now say forensic evidence proves he was murdered inside his home and then moved across the state line.

Unfortunately, the man’s family and neighbors still don’t know who committed the crime or why.

One neighbor built a handmade wooden cross and put it outside the crime scene to show respect for his friend.

“I wanted everyone around here to know that he was loved,” said Robert Southgate. “It’s got a lot of signatures on it, so he was loved by a lot of people. We miss him. We miss him a lot.”

Robert says the last time he saw his neighbor alive, Rick asked to borrow his lawn mower.

“I came home and the lawn mower was in my yard but his yard wasn’t mowed and that worried me because that wasn’t normal and I never seen him or talked to him again,” said Southgate.

Police think someone drove Rick’s body more than 80 miles east on I-70, past Richmond to a wooded area outside Eaton, Ohio.

“For somebody to drive that far with a dead body, are you serious?” asked Rick’s sister, Sharon Hunter.

Sharon says her brother had been left to decompose for close to two weeks before being discovered.

“He didn’t deserve to have to die like that,” said Hunter. “We should be trying to look out for each other instead of putting each other in the grave.”

“Rick was our neighborhood watch. He would keep an eye on everybody around here,” said Southgate.

Robert says Rick always tried to protect his neighbors on East 19th Street. That’s why Rick’s friends and family hope the 57-year-old’s killer is brought to justice.

“Somebody knows what happened and if they would come forward, it would make his family and all of us in the neighborhood happy,” said Southgate.

“We’re kind of out on the hunt to push the issue so we can find out what happened to our brother,” said Hunter.

Because no arrest has been made, anyone with information a suspect is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS (8477).

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