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INDIANAPOLIS — At dawn Wednesday, FBI agents, Indiana State Police SWAT teams and IMPD officers and detectives raided eleven locations throughout Indianapolis and arrested more than ten people in what is described as an investigation into narcotics trafficking, stolen guns, unsolved murders and non-fatal shootings.

A source told FOX59 the target of one of those search and arrest warrants was a longtime associate of a criminal operation that has been the focus of past successful federal prosecutions.

The man is wanted for his alleged role in several shootings.

Most of the raids occurred on the city’s east side, which has been plagued with violence this year as Indianapolis is on track to set another annual homicide record.

One home in the 1800 block of Hawthorn Lane showed evidence of the FBI raid with a storm door torn off the front of the house.

“I seen some trucks going into that house this morning with a battering ram on the front of it,” said one neighbor who asked not to be identified. “It was a loud big boom and then you heard them over the loud horn saying they were the FBI and for them to come out with their hands up.

“You see a whole lot of FBI agents, they had the street blocked off and they were bringing people out in handcuffs,” said the neighbor. “The FBI had them sitting in the yard and I think they were talking to them or something.”

Another resident said she had recently become aware of the loud late night comings-and-goings in her neighborhood.

“I just seen ‘em and hear all the wild noise over there and a lot of traffic in and out of over there,” the woman said as FBI forensic evidence specialists finally vacated the house shortly after noon. “I just hope it makes it better. I want to feel safe in my home. Its scary. People are just crazy nowadays. I don’t understand it.”

Other raid locations included the 3200 block of Priscilla Avenue, a building in the 30 block of N. Linwood Avenue, the 37th and Station area, and the 5100 block of N. Crittenden Avenue.

IMPD Chief Randal Taylor recently told FOX59 he expects updated statistics any day now that will indicate the success his detectives and officers have had in taking guns off the streets of Indianapolis.