INDIANAPOLIS – Police arrested former NFL player and radio host Joe Staysniak early Tuesday in a domestic battery case involving a male relative.

Staysniak, 56, was booked into the Hendricks County Jail around 1:40 a.m. on preliminary charges of intimidation, pointing a firearm, strangulation and domestic battery. He was arrested in Brownsburg, according to jail records.

Staysniak, a standout offensive lineman at Ohio State, played six seasons in the NFL, including three with the Indianapolis Colts.

Commonly known as “Big Joe,” Staysniak hosted a weekday morning radio show in Indianapolis for years.

The Hendricks County Sheriff’s Office said deputies were called to an address on Forest Drive around 11:45 p.m. for a “delayed disturbance.”

According to the probable cause affidavit, a neighbor reported seeing a “suspicious vehicle” in Staysniak’s driveway. When he went to check, he found two people inside, pulling one of them by their hoodie and punching a male relative. He displayed his gun during the incident.

One of the men said Staysniak pressed the gun against the side of his face.

Staysniak denied punching the male relative, according to court documents, saying he instead “shoved him backward with an open hand.” He acknowledged he pulled the other individual by his hoodie “to get his attention” but denied pointing the gun at him.

Staysniak and the male relative also got into another fight and had to be physically separated, police said.

After initially saying there would be no comment, Staysniak’s attorney, Guy Relford, released a statement, saying, “we feel compelled to issue the following clarifications regarding the incident.”

While Staysniak was booked on intimidation, pointing a firearm, strangulation and domestic battery, his charges have been amended to two counts of battery resulting in bodily injury and strangulation.