BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Rape charges have been filed against a former Indiana University football player six months after two women accused him of sexual assault.

Two charges of rape, plus a separate charge of sexual battery and battery, were filed against Connor Delp, in Monroe Circuit Court 2 on May 8.

A probable cause affidavit compiled by a Bloomington police detective alleged Delp sexually assaulted two females at his apartment on E. 20th Street on November 11, 2022.

Connor Delp booking photo

One of the victims reported the alleged assault to the IU Police Department on November 13 after a sexual assault exam was completed at a hospital in Indianapolis. Court documents showed the woman tried to get an exam done earlier, but a “certified nurse” was not available.

The female (Accuser 1) told police Delp invited her to his apartment, and she brought a female friend (Accuser 2) along. She told police they had several alcoholic drinks, but no one seemed “overly intoxicated.”

According to the affidavit, Delp invited the women to his room to play video games.

Delp is then accused of assaulting one of the women while the other woman played video games with headphones on and her back turned to them.

In an interview with police, Accuser 1 said when she was done playing the game, Delp grabbed her and kissed her in a “forceful” way. She said Delp then raped her, pinning her arms down as she shook her head “no” and cried.

Accuser 2 had been asleep during the alleged assault of Accuser 1 and told police she woke up when she heard Accuser 1 hyperventilating. The woman said she saw Delp assaulting her friend as she was crying with her face pushed against the wall.

Police looked at text messages between Delp and the two women where he claimed he received “mixed signals.”

Delp later spoke to a detective with his lawyer present and claimed he had a consensual sexual encounter with both of the women. He told police that at no point neither female said “no” or cried.

His attorney provided police with a copy of a polygraph test done by a privately contracted polygrapher. The test indicated Delp was not being deceptive in his response.

Delp was last listed as a redshirt freshman on the 2022 IU football roster. On November 17, less than a week after the alleged assault, IU Athletics announced Delp was “suspended indefinitely from all football team activities.” He was dismissed from the team in January of 2023.

Delp’s attorneys released a statement on his behalf:

Connor Delp has a constitutional right to be presumed innocent of the criminal charges that have been filed against him. There are always two sides to every story. Connor Delp intends to vigorously defend against these charges in the appropriate forum — the courtroom.

Attorneys James H. Voyles Jr., Katharine Liell and Erin McNeil