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UPDATE (Oct. 6, 2020): Ryan Mack pleaded guilty to six counts of theft. A corrupt business influence charge was dismissed as part of a plea deal. He was sentenced to 3 years in the county jail.

SHELBYVILLE — Former Shelbyville High School Athletic Director Ryan Mack has been arrested on felony charges of theft and corrupt business influence.

The Shelbyville Police Department says into investigation into Mack began when the Golden Bear Booster Club informed the department Mack may have been involved in stealing funds from the booster.

Through the investigation, SPD found that on June 21 and June 22 of 2017 and September 28, October 8, October 12 and October 31 of 2019, Mack intentionally exerted unauthorized control over property of Shelbyville High School and/or Golden Bear Booster Club with the intent to deprive the owner(s) of the value of said property, in an amount of more than $750 but less than $50,000. These finding resulted in six counts of felony theft.

The investigation also found that on or about a period of time between June 21 of 2017 and October 21 of 2019, Mack “through a pattern of racketeering activity, did knowingly or intentionally acquire or maintain, either directly or indirectly, an interest in or control of property or an enterprise, and/or did receive proceeds directly or indirectly derived from a pattern of racketeering activity, and did use or invest those proceeds or the proceeds derived from them to acquire an interest in property or to operate an enterprise, and/or did aid, cause or induce another to do the same.” These finding resulted in one count of felony corrupt business influence.

A warrant was issued for Mack, and he turned himself into the authorities Monday.