MIDDLETOWN, Ind. — A former Shenandoah Schools employee has been charged after he reportedly passed another school bus that was stopped and picking up children in Middletown.

On Nov. 17, Middletown police officers arrested Thomas Case on one count of passing a school bus when its arm signal is extended, a Class A misdemeanor, according to a news release from the Middletown Police Department.

Officials said that on Sept. 25, Case was driving a school bus eastbound on State Road 236. He reportedly passed another school bus that was stopped, had its stop arm extended and was loading two children near the intersection of 10th and Mill Street in Middletown.

A warrant was issued for Case’s arrest on Nov. 14, the release said. Officials also stressed that Case is no longer employed by Shenandoah Schools.

“Since this incident, the Middletown Police Department has been completing extra patrols during school bus hours following buses to help deter and observe for any violations,” the release said.