HANCOCK COUNTY, Ind. – A Fortville man who shot and killed his girlfriend’s nephew in 2022 learned his punishment.

John Talboo, 49, pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and a firearm enhancement in connection with the Feb. 5, 2022, shooting that killed 23-year-old Brandon Perry. A judge sentenced him to 35 years in the Indiana Department of Correction, according to the Hancock County Prosecutor’s Office.

Talboo’s sentencing hearing was Thursday. It lasted about two hours and included testimony from the families of both Talboo and Perry before the judge announced the sentence.

Prosecutors had charged Talboo with murder, which carries a sentence of up to 65 years. He agreed to a plea deal on the lesser voluntary manslaughter charge in February 2023, about a year after the shooting.

According to court documents, Talboo’s girlfriend had gotten into an argument in January 2022 in which Perry threatened to “punch her in the face.” The situation angered Talboo, who was at the woman’s grandparents’ house weeks later shoveling snow when he and Perry got into an argument.

After a shouting matching with Perry, Talboo went into the house, said he’d “had it” with Perry, and grabbed a handgun. His girlfriend tried to stop him, according to court documents, but her efforts were unsuccessful.

Not long after that, Talboo’s girlfriend recalled hearing gunshots and came outside to see Perry fall to the ground. She called dispatchers for help.

According to Talboo’s account, he was shoveling snow when he warned Perry not to threaten his girlfriend again. Perry responded by saying he would “f*** up Talboo right now,” according to court documents.

Talboo went inside, grabbed a Smith & Wesson .38 revolver and went back outside, despite his girlfriend’s protests. He said he and Perry started walking toward each other; Talboo fired a shot and said he fired again when Perry “rushed him.” He “may have fired again” while Perry was on top of him while both were on the ground, according to Talboo’s account.

Investigators said Talboo was “apologetic” and indicated he’d “lost his temper” during the incident. He told arresting officers that the situation “got out of control” and he’d “lost control” after Perry threatened Talboo’s girlfriend, according to court documents.

The Marion County Coroner’s Office found Perry had been shot twice in the head and once in the chest. The autopsy ruled his death a homicide and said he died from multiple gunshot wounds.