FRANKLIN, Ind. — A Franklin man is accused of hiding covert cameras inside a young woman’s Bluetooth speaker in order to capture nude video of her. He is also accused of spying on her while she showered, sneaking into her room to sniff her underwear and leaving a sex toy in her bag for her to find.

Christopher P. Hayes, 42, is charged with two counts of voyeurism, one as a Level 6 felony and the other as a misdemeanor.

According to court documents, Hayes is accused of providing a Bluetooth speaker to a young woman that had been altered without her knowledge to include a secret, covert camera hidden within the device. The woman told police she feared the camera had captured footage of her naked due to often taking the speaker into her bathroom and bedroom.

After discovering the speaker was equipped with a camera, another individual set up cameras and allegedly caught Hayes going into the woman’s bedroom and messing with the Bluetooth speaker, court documents detail. Hayes was also allegedly caught on video going through the woman’s underwear drawer while in her room, sniffing the garments.

According to court documents, several other possible cameras may have been hidden within the home along with numerous holes being found in the walls where future cameras could be hidden.

In addition to the hidden cameras, Hayes is also accused of being caught peering through a crack to spy on the young woman while she was showering. Hayes reportedly was only in his underwear when caught peeping on the woman.

When police spoke to the victim, she told officers that Hayes reportedly purchased her underwear and left them in her drawer. The underwear would disappear days later.

The woman also once found a sex toy left in her bag.

Hayes also may have been using AirTags in order to track people, the court documents imply, with one woman saying she kept getting alerts about a nearby AirTag.

When police questioned Hayes about the allegations, Hayes reportedly told officers he had put a camera in the Bluetooth speak in order to try and catch the young woman vaping as he was worried about “high levels of lead in her blood.” He did not deny that the camera was placed in locations, such as the bathroom, where the woman was likely to be naked.

Hayes told officers he did not retain any recordings besides one clip that showed the woman vaping.

According to court documents, Hayes did admit to masturbating while looking through a gap into the woman’s bedroom on several occasions. Police said that Hayes “appeared shameful about his actions” when admitting this.

Hayes also confessed to buying the woman underwear and placing them in her drawer, police reported.

Police said a search of Hayes’s room uncovered a camera and a bag of videotapes. Also collected in the search of the home were AirTags, computers, a covert camera instructional manual and women’s underwear.

Police said the only video found on Hayes’ phone showed the victim vaping, as Hayes previously disclosed. Nothing illegal was found on the phone, investigators noted in the court documents.

Correction: Court documents listed Hayes birthdate incorrectly. Hayes age was updated after the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department clarified his date of birth.