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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Police say a gas station customer shot at a robbery suspect after being hit by the getaway car on the city’s northwest side this morning.

The incident happened around noon at a gas station near 69th Street and Michigan Road.

According to police, a customer walked out of the gas station, and as soon as he got to his car at one of the pumps, a man came up and tried to rob him.

The victim wrestled the robber; and police say someone driving a getaway car sped into the parking lot and hit the victim with the car. The victim the pulled out a gun and fired at the car as it tried to drive away.

“All of a sudden it’s very evident there were gunshots. They were ‘pop pop’ and then a car squealed away,” said witness Annie Sweeney.

One person inside the car was hit by the gunfire and was taken to the hospital. At that point, police took several people into custody. Detectives describe the incident as an attempted robbery gone wrong, and they don’t believe the victim and suspect knew each other.

Witnesses don’t blame the victim for reacting the way he did.

“I mean obviously the poor fella is being attacked and carrying a gun for his safety,” said Sweeney. “Honestly, you gotta give it up to the victim to be in the moment and aware of his own safety.”

The incident was caught on surveillance video.

Right now, police do not believe the victim did anything wrong.