Getting answers regarding Marion County judge’s decision to drastically lower bond of man accused in funeral home shooting

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INDIANAPOLIS — We continue our investigation in Marion County judges’ decisions to drastically reduce bonds of people accused of serious crimes. Friday, Judge Mark Stoner agreed to lower Dominique Baquet’s bond from $100,000 surety to $20,000 surety, despite objections from the state and family.

The judge also agreed to lift home detention but keep GPS monitoring. Baquet is not charged with shooting the five people in this case, this investigation is ongoing.

Baquet is charged with unlawful possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon and carrying a handgun without a license. Court documents show that Baquet showed up to a funeral at the Sprowl Funeral & Cremation Care on 30th Street, got into an altercation with a family member of the person who passed. Someone pulled out a firearm and started shooting, and Baquet pulled out a gun and shot back, injuring five people. Those injured include 16-year-old Jamese Cox and 4-year-old Azaria Glasper.

After Judge Stoner and the Marion County deputy prosecutor on this case would not comment, we decided to listen to the bond hearing ourselves in hopes we could provide more information about the judge’s decision.

At the beginning of the roughly 15-minute bond hearing, it was made clear the charges filed against Baquet now are in relation to the gun possession charge, not the shooting. Judge Stoner initially thought the bond was set at $50,000 surety, but a commissioner set it at $100,000 surety during the initial hearing.

During the hearing, Stoner asked Baquet about his employment, which Baquet stated he is employed. Baquet also told the judge he hired an attorney a day or two after being charged and called to turn himself in but was outright arrested instead.

The judge was also informed Baquet says he was receiving death threats, that he has a son who he supports, a girlfriend and a baby on the way. The judge also asked if he could pay $5,000 to be released, then $2,000 to $2,500 to be released. Baquet confirmed to the judge he could afford the lower amount with the help of family members.

The hearing revealed Baquet’s employment does take him out of the county sometimes. It was also stated Baquet has violated probation in the past. The judge asked if Baquet had any failure to appear incidents. He admitted he did have a failure to appear but was in the hospital as a result of a gunshot wound.

The state asked the judge to consider the probable cause affidavit and Baquet’s criminal history before making a bond decision. They wanted the bond to remain at $100,000 surety with home detention and GPS granted. They requested Baquet not possess firearms or commit new offenses/be arrested and not leave Marion County.

State also argues the case is still pending, “so charges that are filed right now may not be final charges, they may not.” The probable cause affidavit says

Baquet’s attorney told the judge, “Mr. Baquet was arrested for something very different than what he’s charged with today. So, bond that is set isn’t appropriate.”

Baquet’s attorney, Jake Rigney, told Judge Stoner his client was and is receiving death threats, and for that reason, he did not believe home detention was a safe option. The judge obliged, against the state’s objection.

Now, Baquet’s attorney has filed two motions that are pending, one to dismiss the L4 felony charge of unlawful possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon, this motion is under advisement and the state has 30 days to respond. The other request is for the defendant to travel out of state.

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