BOONE COUNTY, Ind. — A Greencastle man was arrested and accused of biting his newborn after the 2-week-old was seen with several “mouth-shaped” bruises during a doctor’s appointment, police say.

Staff at Witham Hospital in Lebanon contacted police after bruises were seen on the infant’s wrists, shoulder and knee on November 3, 2022. According to court documents, the father, Gavan Rogers, told hospital workers he must have “play bit” or “open mouth kissed” the newborn too hard. A detective who looked at pictures of the child’s bruises counted at least six that looked like bite marks.

The baby’s mother told police she never saw Rogers bite the girl, but they take shifts when caring for the child.

During an interview with police, Rogers surmised he “nibbled too hard” and said he did it while the child was fully clothed.

Investigators then learned several reports were made by nursing staff when the newborn was earlier in the NICU. Staff members were concerned after reportedly hearing Rogers call the baby “evil,” “ungrateful,” and a “little b****.”

“I am not comfortable sending this baby home to the care of FOB (father of baby),” one report read.

Staff also said they took extra care to explain the dangers of shaken baby syndrome after seeing how frustrated Rogers seemed to get when the newborn would cry, according to court documents.

Rogers was arrested on March 14 on charges of neglect of a dependent and battery.