GREENFIELD, Ind. — Greenfield Police are investigating a spree of car break-ins over the weekend that investigators say started Saturday as they continue to receive reports.

“It’s kind of frightening in a small town like Greenfield to think this is going on,” said local homeowner Linda Hamilton.

At least a dozen homeowners reported to police that someone rummaged through their cars overnight, mostly stealing spare change.

“They’re in and out of a car in a matter of seconds,” said Chuck McMichael, deputy chief with the Greenfield Police Department.

In three cases, the thieves stole the car. The most concerning report, police said, involved a thief getting away with a gun that was left inside one of the cars.

“If someone is stealing a handgun you never know why they think they want to have it,” McMichael said. “Obviously, we can all assume that they are up to no good anyway.”

The thefts started near the new Depot Park and then spread across town. In every case, the vehicles were left unlocked.

“Overall, we have a really safe community here,” McMichael said. “So, people get into that habit of ‘Oh I don’t really need to lock my car, it’s in my driveway right in front of my house’.”

So far, the thieves have hit neighborhoods, apartment complexes and random streets. Police believe the suspects are just going up and down the block, checking to see if car doors are unlocked.

Investigators said if the door is locked, they keep going until they find a car door that’s unlocked.

“Well, that does make you worry,” Hamilton said. “Especially in this neighborhood.”

Hamilton lives in the Fieldstone neighborhood, which is where the surveillance video is from that Greenfield Police shared with FOX59.

“It is late at night and it is driving essentially on the opposite side of the road, going very slowly,” McMichael said. “At the very end of the video, you can see a person walking on the street.”

Investigators are calling it suspicious and looking to talk to the people in a smaller gold, tan or silver SUV.  Officers said they want this spree to stop before it escalates and someone gets hurt.

Officials are reminding everyone to lock their doors and said that gun owners should secure their firearms. Anyone with surveillance video or information that could help solve these cases, call Greenfield Police.