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GREENWOOD, Ind. — A Greenwood man is facing sex crime charges after he was accused of sexually assaulting an individual in their sleep.

Beau Thomas, 33, was charged with sexual battery (Level 6 Felony) on June 22 and arrested on warrant Tuesday.

Greenwood police originally responded to a report of sexual assault at an apartment on May 14. When police arrived to the residence, they spoke with a witness who said the incident happened the night before on May 13.

The witness then proceeded to tell police that Thomas, his spouse, and them were drinking together at the apartment. Thomas’ spouse left prior to the incident and Thomas had plans to stay the night. The witness heard screaming and yelling overnight, the affidavit says, which alerted them to the incident.

The victim told police they had come home late and fallen asleep in the living room. They said they were then woken up by Thomas performing a sexual act on them while they were asleep. The victim did not give consent to Thomas to perform the acts. Once the victim realized what was happening, they began to hit Thomas.

The affidavit says that the victim, at one point, retrieved a firearm, but did not point it at Thomas nor use it.

Thomas eventually fled the apartment in nothing but his underwear and the victim called police.

A short while after he fled, Thomas was located by an Indiana State Police trooper near the intersection of Fairview Drive and Carney Drive. Thomas ran through several yards heading eastbound before he was stopped by police.

Thomas told police that he had blacked out from drinking and the last thing he remembered was sitting on the patio and drinking around 1:30 a.m. He also claimed that he had been beat up inside the living room and was unable to identify or describe the person that allegedly assaulted him. He told police he then ran out of the apartment to head to a friend’s place nearby.

Thomas was checked out by medical personnel and declined further treatment.

He has been banned from returning to the apartment where the incident occurred.

Thomas was booked into jail on Tuesday under a $300 bond. He paid the bond and was later released.