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GREENWOOD, Ind. — Greenwood police arrested an 18-year-old accused of kidnapping a woman at gunpoint and stealing a truck.

Carmelo M. Bertram is facing charges of kidnapping with a deadly weapon, criminal confinement with a deadly weapon, pointing a firearm (2 counts), auto theft and conversion.

On July 17, police were called to the Polo Run Apartments located at 800 Kings Mill Rd. in Greenwood after someone reported a possible shooting.

Officers arrived and searched the area but were not able to find anything. A short time later, police received a call from a man who directed them to an apartment. The man told officers that he fired shots into a door during an altercation, according to the Greenwood Police Department. Police detained the man and read him his Miranda rights, to which he said he understood.

GPD said the man explained that he came with his friend to her apartment because she was afraid Bertram would be there, and Bertram has caused issues in the past. The man said he checked her apartment to make sure no one was inside, and as he was leaving, he saw Bertram walking up the stairs to the apartment with a gun pointed at him. The man claimed he retreated into the apartment and locked the door. He told police it sounded like Bertram was trying to get inside the apartment, so in fear, he fired four shots at the door.

Police said after speaking with the man further, they removed his handcuffs. He told officers the woman texted him asking for help. He also told officers that his truck was stolen as it was no longer parked in front of the building.

A short time later, the woman appeared, and police made contact with her, GPD said. She advised that she was waiting in the man’s truck while he checked her apartment. As she waited, Bertram walked up to the truck, opened the door and pulled her out. The two argued until Bertram noticed a pistol in the truck and took it, the woman said. Bertram then ran up the stairs. The woman told police that after she heard gunshots, Bertram came running down the stairs, got into the truck pointing the pistol at her and drove off.

Documents show that the woman went on to tell police that Bertram drove a short distance before parking the truck, forcing her out with the pistol still pointed at her and made her get into a silver car. She told police she did not want to get into the car but complied. The woman said she was dropped off shortly after Bertram spoke with police on the phone.

Bertram agreed to meet police at the apartment. After speaking with officers, Bertram was arrested and taken to the Johnson County Jail.