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by Russ McQuaid

INDIANAPOLIS (July 15, 2014) – Major Davis II entered Marion Superior Court No. 2 clad in a red jail jumpsuit identifying him as a high-profile inmate handcuffed at both wrists to his wheelchair.

Davis is still recovering from the wounds he received in a July 5 shootout that claimed the life of Indianapolis Metropolitan police officer Perry Renn.

Within minutes of the gunfire, when it was unofficially reported that Renn would not survive, Davis was thought to be dead from wounds to the head and abdomen, so much so that his mother told FOX59 News the next day that she feared he might perish without a hospital visit from his family.

“As a mother I should have a right to at least hold my son’s hand,” said Cynthia Davis. “He’s on a life support system. How’s that fair that anything could happen and I never get a chance?”

Davis, her friends and relatives and her son’s fiancée had a chance Tuesday morning to see the 25-year-old father of four alive and shackled at the defense table of the courtroom where he will be tried for murder.

Perry Renn’s family was there, too.

The Davis family was advised by Mmoja Ajabu, who has counseled other families of suspects involved in confrontations with police.

Neither family had a comment after the hearing.

Judge Grant Hawkins presided over the session as Davis was advised that he would face up to 85 years in prison if convicted of the killing.

Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry told FOX59 News that he has yet to meet with the Renn family to gauge its interest in pursuit of the death penalty.

Released from the hospital and housed at the Marion County Jail, Davis acknowledged the charges filed against him and answered the questions posed by the Court.

“His attorney was afforded the opportunity to speak with him and I’m sure his attorney would have advised the court if there was a problem,” Deputy Prosecutor Denise Robinson said later.

The probable cause affidavit quotes a civilian witness who was riding with Renn’s partner, Officer Nicholas Gallico, that night. The witness indicated that “Major P. Davis was waving his hands around and/or trying to flag down Officer Gallico.”

FOX59 News asked Robinson if that account led her to believe Davis set out to ambush the officers.

“You could certainly infer that from what was indicated as far as what our arguments may be,” she said. “Those will come at a later time in the courtroom.”

Davis is being held without bond. No trial date has been set although a pretrial hearing will be held Sept. 3.