Thief targets mailboxes for Christmas cards

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Dec. 17, 2014) – People who live in the Eagle Creek area are on the lookout for a Grinch who’s been stealing from mailboxes.

Tuesday afternoon, neighbors in several subdivisions along Dandy Trail, between 56th and 46th streets, found their mail stolen or tampered with. Stolen items included Christmas cards, letters and small packages. In addition, at least two neighbors found stolen mail discarded in their trash barrels. Ripped open Christmas cards and personal checks were among the items discarded. One man found a $100 personal check dated for Dec. 25.

The thieves were apparently looking for cash and gift cards being exchanged between family and friends as gifts.

“It’s a little shocking being the holiday season, you want peoples’ spirits to be high,” said Sam Hay, who lives next door to one of the victims in the 7600 block of Kimco Lane. “And when they get robbed of something they put a lot of hard work and money into, it’s never fun for anyone.”

An elderly widow who on the corner of Dandy Trail and Eagle Creek Overlook Drive told FOX59 she lost all of the Christmas cards she was sending out to loved ones.

“I was really sad to think that people would do that,” said neighbor Janice Wimmersberger. “I almost feel like if you’re that desperate, come see me. I’ll help you.”

Neighbors described a possible suspect vehicle as a small, dark gray pickup truck. No description of a driver or passenger was available.

News of the thefts has area residents thinking twice about what they leave in their mailboxes.

“Oh, I’m definitely waiting for the mail woman to come so I can hand her my cards this year,” Wimmersberger said.

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