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INDIANAPOLIS — IMPD detectives continue piecing together information about what led to the shooting of multiple people at a house party early Monday morning.

It happened in Butler-Tarkington on Graceland Avenue between 38th and 39th streets.

“We’re feeling kind of down in the neighborhood because we take public safety to another level,” said Bryan Bradford, president of the Butler-Tarkington Neighborhood Association.

IMPD confirms one man was killed, three other men and a woman were shot but survived. They also confirm another woman was injured, but officers did not provide any additional details.

The man who died was identified Tuesday as 18-year-old Anthony Mills.

“It rocks these blocks right here, absolutely,” Bradford said. “Not only the blocks but the whole neighborhood because it affects us all. Not only us as a neighborhood but it affects the whole city.”

Eyewitnesses said between 50 and 100 people attended the party. District 7 City-County Councilor John Barth said the home is a short-term rental property. Neighbors said multiple parties have happened at the home recently.

“There is a lot of short-term rentals that are popping up around the city, both Airbnbs and independents,” Barth said. “What happens in those situations, landlords who may not be connected to the community, rent houses for purposes that might not be supported by the community.”

Barth pointed to a page on the city’s website where some landlords can register their properties.

“Folks can go out and search and see if that landlord has registered, they can find out who that landlord is and then work with them directly,” Barth explained.

Police didn’t say if the scene of Monday’s shooting was a rental property, but Airbnb confirmed it has “never had a listing” for the property in question.

Regardless, those in Butler-Tarkington have a message for those who turn to violence.

“We’re not going to tolerate it up here in Butler-Tarkington,” Bradford said. “So, once again if you plan to have a party up here, watch out. Cause we’re gonna watch out for you.”