NOBLESVILLE, Ind. — Court documents reveal that Trevor Dahl, the man accused of opening fire on someone for honking at him in Fishers, was also behind a road rage shooting that occurred in Noblesville only days before he opened fire on a 22-year-old while driving on E. 96th Street.

According to new court documents filed in Hamilton County, the Noblesville Police Department were called to Reggie’s Motor Works located at 1362 S. 10th Street at approximately 6:30 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 14, on report of a road rage weapon incident.

The documents reveal that a salt truck driver had been driving down 10th Street en route to salt the parking lot of Reggie’s Motor Works when a white sedan flew up at a high rate of speed behind the truck. The driver of the salt truck told police the white car had to slow down, which apparently angered the driver, who police later were able to identify as Trevor Dahl, 24, of Noblesville.

Prior documents paint Dahl as an angry driver, with a witness who was Dahl’s passenger during the Fishers road rage shooting on Nov. 17 telling police that Dahl often gets upset when he drives and that he “does not like the way other people drive.”

The salt truck driver reportedly told police that Dahl came to a complete stop while the truck was turning into Reggie’s Motor Works parking lot.

Dahl reportedly shouted, “I’ll f*#$ing kill you!” to the salt truck driver, according to the documents. The driver told police he shouted for Dahl to leave but then the young man held out a handgun and fired a single shot into the air before taking off down 10th Street.

Booking photo of Trevor Dahl

A witness in the Fishers road rage shooting told detectives that Dahl always carried a handgun and often keeps the weapon in his waistband. Court documents reveal that when police spoke with Dahl’s girlfriend, she told detectives that Dahl had fairly recently purchased and began carrying around his handgun.

She told police that Dahl bought the gun for protection, yet in a matter of three days Dahl is accused of using the gun not to protect himself or another, but to shoot at a car for honking at him and to shoot into the air to intimidate a truck driver who made him have to slow down.

Dahl’s girlfriend reportedly admitted to police that he could have anger issues “at times.”

Noblesville police investigating the shooting outside Reggie’s Motor Works found one 9mm casing. Surveillance footage obtained by police also showed the white sedan that flew up behind the salt truck as a new model Acura, the same vehicle that Dahl was driving during the Fishers road rage shooting on Nov. 17.

Court documents reveal that when Noblesville police learned of the Fishers shooting involving a similar vehicle, the detectives reached out to Fishers investigators and learned the white Acura was traced to Trevor Dahl.

Later, crime labs were able to identify the casings found outside the PNC Bank on 96th Street as the same type of 9mm casing found outside Reggie’s Motor Works. Noblesville police also linked Dahl to the 10th Street shooting by tracking down surveillance footage of Dahl at a gas station where he made a purchase less than 15 minutes prior to the shooting and can be seen leaving in the direction of 10th Street.

Dahl is already facing charges of attempted murder, aggravated battery, criminal recklessness and pointing a firearm after being arrested as the suspect in the Fishers road rage shooting. He now faces additional charges of intimidation and criminal recklessness for the Noblesville incident.

Dahl could face between 20 and 40 years in prison if found guilty of just his attempted murder charge.

Dahl has a criminal history which includes narcotics and burglary arrests. He also has a suspended drivers license, according to court records.