INDIANAPOLIS — Craig Chambers, 25, is facing murder charges after the 2019 deaths of Lamont Day Jr. and Gary Miller II. Now, court documents are detailing the circumstances leading up to the deaths.

“Lots of times homicide investigations can be somewhat complex and we want to make sure that we dot our i’s, cross our t’s before we make it into court, and so there was a lot of investigative techniques that the investigators had to complete; search warrants, etcetera, all of those things that collaboratively have to come together before we make it to court,” said IMPD Officer William Young.

A probable cause affidavit was filed in the case against Chambers. In it, a detective from Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department wrote that witnesses in the area of the shooting reported hearing gunshots and a man running with a handgun before falling into the bushes.

“We did have witnesses come forth that were able to provide our investigators with information. We’ve made a significant number of arrests when it comes to homicides based off of the community’s concerns and witness information that has come forth,” said Young.

Shortly after the shooting, officers responded to the hospital on a report of a person that was shot in the leg. The document says Chambers was that person. At the time, he told police that he was standing in front of an apartment when he was shot.

However, when police spoke with one of the victim’s fathers, they learned that Chambers knew at least one of the victims.

The document states that the father told the detective that the day before the shooting, his son told him “Daddy, I’m tired of being broke.” The father was aware that his son robbed and stole from people, and carried a gun or two.

Before the shooting, the victim told his father that Chambers was coming to pick him up. After the shooting, the document said Chambers called the father crying, saying “I’m sorry”, and that his son got shot.

The Violent Crimes unit picked up Chambers on October 11, 2019, bringing him in for questioning. That is when the document said Chambers gave them a different version of events than he told them the night of the shooting.

The detective writes that Chambers told him the day of the shooting, Chambers picked up one of the victims before bringing him to a bar on the city’s south side. There, they got a call from the other victim saying he wanted to show Chambers something and exchange music.

At the scene of the shooting, the document states Chambers told detectives that he was in the vehicle with Miller when Miller pulled out a duffle bag and put a package of marijuana on Chamber’s lap. He claims he tossed it back, saying “I don’t deal with no weed.”

When Chambers claimed Day opened the door asking “Are y’all cool,” the document states Miller pulled a gun and shot the second victim.

What followed was a series of gunshots that the document states Chambers claimed came from all three of them. One of the victims ran away during the shooting. Evidence from the scene detailed that Chambers fired the most times during the shooting.

After the shooting, the document said Chambers claimed to drive around looking for the second victim. Unable to find him, he called the victim’s father to tell him about the shooting before tossing the firearm and leaving the vehicle with the keys still in the car.

He ended up at the hospital after the document said Chambers told detectives that a man saw him walking and gave him a ride home. Once home, Chambers’ mother drove him to the hospital.

In March 2020, detectives spoke with two other people, who told them that the only reason the victim would meet someone was to sell drugs. The document states detectives were able to determine that the shooting happened while Chambers was trying to take marijuana from Miller.

Young said the detective worked on the case nonstop, gathering tips and information from the community over the course of several years.

“It was a complex case, however, he was able to continuously work on it and hopefully we’ll have a good outcome as far as there in the court system, too. It’s so important that the community provides us tips and information when we have a case like this,” said Young.

As a result of the investigation, Chambers was charged with murder, two counts of felony murder, attempted robbery resulting in serious bodily injury, and false informing.

The murder charge comes from Miller’s death. The felony murders come from Miller’s and Day’s death during the attempted robbery. The false informing charge comes from the first statement that Chambers gave the police.

Although it took three years to bring forth charges in the case, Young said investigators hope an arrest will help provide some healing and justice for the victims’ families.

“We want to make sure that we take each step, slow down, and make sure we have all of the facts and circumstances,” said Young.

“When we have a homicide, someone’s life has been taken away and detectives have to methodically go through each and every step whenever we have an investigation like that,” said Young. “We have to work with the Prosecutor’s Office, we have to work with the Marion County Coroner’s Office, we have to work with the Crime Lab, we have to work with those witnesses that come forth, we have to work with other officers who were on that scene.”