INDIANAPOLIS — Police said a disturbance that began as a fight at Wendy’s ended up escalating and spilling into a Kroger parking lot where a gunfight ensued and a woman ended up being shot and critically injured.

“When you make the decision to go have a fight that escalates into a gunfight in the middle of a Kroger parking lot, who knows who could be injured in that?” asked a frustrated Major Mike Leepper with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

According to IMPD, officers were originally called to a Wendy’s in the 5000 block of W. Washington Street — located just a few blocks east of Lynhurts Drive — shortly before 7 p.m. on reports of a fight and disturbance.

Officers reported locating several individuals who were possibly involved in the Wendy’s disturbance but stated no criminal activity or altercations were witnessed while police were on scene so all parties were asked to leave.

“All the individuals at that point and time agreed to leave,” said Leepper.

But after officers left the scene, the individuals remained on scene and, shortly afterward, got into another altercation, only this one ended with gunfire being exchanged in the next door Kroger’s parking lot and an adult woman being shot.

“There’s multiple people that come in and out of this Kroger, this grocery store, the shops adjacent that are trying to do their business,” said Leepper. “When we have individuals that can’t solve their problems with words and resort to gun violence, they put everybody that’s in this parking lot, everybody in this general area in jeopardy, and that’s not acceptable.”

IMPD stated that the victim ended up being driven to IU West Hospital in Hendricks County by an individual before officers arrived back at the shooting scene. Officers received a call shortly afterward from the hospital informing them of her arrival.

Police said the woman has since been airlifted to a level one trauma center and is listed as being in critical condition.

According to police, the individuals involved in the altercation at the Wendy’s and in the Kroger parking lot have been identified and are being interviewed by police or are known by police.

IMPD does not believe there is any further threat to the public.

“We’re tired of seeing it as well. we’re tired of responding to shootings. far too often, we’re seeing where individuals choose to utilize guns to solve their problems and the targets they intend are not always the targets that get hit,” Leepper said.