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INDIANAPOLIS — Violence is increasing around Indianapolis bars, night clubs and event halls and police are asking for the community’s help in putting a stop to this dangerous trend.

Passersby can still see the faded sign at JD’s Pub on the city’s northwest side. The business remains closed after a deadly shooting earlier this month, one of several businesses now under the watchful eye of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

“Some things have got to change and we are going to hold the people who are breaking the rules responsible,” Daniel Rosenberg, director of Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana, said.

Officials said recently IMPD’s Commercial Criminal Crimes Branch has been seeing too many violent and even deadly incidents at bars, night clubs and event halls.

“All of these clubs seem to be doing something that they shouldn’t be doing or they are having some kind of violation or something like that,” said Rosenberg.

Violations, police said, can include serving alcohol after 3 a.m., serving minors, overserving customers and operating without proper permits and licenses. Officers said they know these violations can escalate into an out-of-control situation.

“A couple of fights turn into somebody that pulls out a gun and there’s more chaos and then we have somebody who is seriously hurt or dead,” said Rosenberg.

Three out of four weekends in April the city had deadly shootings at an after-hours event. 

IMPD officers said JD’s Pub wasn’t complying with state and local licensing and should’ve have even been open.  

“It just had that feeling that you didn’t want to mess around in this area at night,” said Christopher Cody, an employee who works nearby.

Crime Stoppers officials also mentioned previous incidents at Taps and Dolls and Ebony and Ivory. A notice from the Health Department was posted on the front of door of Ebony and Ivory off East 38th Street earlier this year.

“The thinking is if it’s happening at a couple different places and we are starting to see a trend then it’s probably happening elsewhere,” said Rosenberg.

Crime Stoppers and IMPD officials said they are asking the community to come forward and let them know if there’s a place that’s operating illegally before another violent incident happens.

“This is about keeping everyone playing by the rules and working together to keep everyone safe,” said Rosenberg.

If you have any information about issues at bars, nightclubs or event centers, police ask you to call Crime Stoppers at (317) 262-TIPS. As always, you can remain anonymous.