IMPD boosts downtown presence ahead of Big Ten Championship

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — After a heartbreaking week in Indianapolis, with multiple shootings and the stabbings of two IMPD officers, excited Big Ten football fans exploring downtown Indy is a welcomed sight.

Bradford and Lori Reeves just arrived in Indianapolis from Michigan but did not pack anything blue for the game.

“We’re from Iowa, spent most of our time but we got transferred to Michigan in 2007,” Bradford said. “So yes, we’re Michigan people coming to watch Iowa.”

We caught up with the couple while they were making memories outside of Lucas Oil Stadium, ahead of the Big Ten Championship game between the University of Michigan and the University of Iowa.

“It’s going to be a tough game,” Lori said. “I mean, it can go either way. Michigan can have their bad game, or we could have ours.”

Representing Wolverine fans, Kenneth Asewe is thrilled to meet up with friends for the game. He is still amped over Michigan’s win on Saturday against Ohio State.

“I got the tickets, I would say, five or six minutes before the game ended,” Asewe said. “Because I knew everybody was in the field, chanting and I was like, I need to get my tickets for this game so that I can get them at a good price.”

IMPD officers will put their safety plan into action this weekend as they bring more police downtown.

“Our ERG, our Event Response Group, our SET teams, traffic units will be out to ensure the safety of [people] while they’re traveling, as well as for the safety of the event itself,” Craig Wagoner, IMPD Public Information Officer, said.

But IMPD adds more officers downtown does not come at the expense of other districts.

“I can see the concern on that, but that’s definitely not the case for this,” Wagoner said. “Our districts, our city will not see staffing shortages due to the event.”

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