INDIANAPOLIS — Police responding to a call of shots fired Tuesday night on Indy’s east side ended up discovering more than they intended: a chop shop where 20 stolen vehicles were uncovered.

According to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, police were called Tuesday to 2833 N. Euclid Avenue after a woman reported her ex-boyfriend fired three gunshots. Police detained two individuals and then requested a search warrant.

IMPD Capt. Chris Boomershine said officers expected to find firearms when they searched the address. Instead, officers found a number of vehicles in different stages of being chopped up so their parts could be sold. Running VIN numbers revealed to police that the 20 vehicles were stolen.

Police said the stolen cars were mostly Dodge and Chrysler vehicles including two stolen Dodge Charger Hellcats. Some of the stolen cars were from out of state, from Michigan, Georgia and Tennesse. IMPD said 17 of the stolen vehicles were from the Indianapolis metro area.

“We are seeing a disturbing trend of Dodge and Chrysler’s products being stolen,” Boomershine said. “They seem to be highly desirable… I believe because of the ease of stealing them but also the horsepower.”

The investigation continues into the chop shop operation, police said. Investigators are still working to determine who the men were selling the parts to and how the theft of the vehicles was being committed and by whom.

Boomershine recommended owners of Dodge or Chryslers consider purchasing after-market alarms and not park their vehicles in areas where it can be easily stolen.

Anyone with more information can call IMPD or contact Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana at (317) 262-8477.