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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Jan. 13, 2014)–  It took more than a year of investigation, and culminated with police surveillance on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day, but IMPD, backed up by state troopers, took down nearly forty people connected to drug dealing on the city’s northside.

In 2012, IMPD narcotics detectives began an investigation into a large-scale drug trafficking organization operating in Indianapolis.  This organization is believed to be responsible for the distribution of multiple kilos of cocaine and marijuana.

“Operation Family Ties” hit five houses and made two traffic stops last Thursday night in a coordinated effort to put a dent in an Indianapolis cocaine ring.

Detectives identified Wade Havvard, 36, as the leader of the ring.

This investigation resulted in the seizure of more than six kilos of cocaine, an amount of marijuana, nine guns, including two stolen guns, approximately $198,000 in cash, six vehicles, and more than 40 arrests.

“Violence and illegal drugs are closely associated.  These arrests should positively impact our neighborhoods and we will continue to build on this successful venture,” said Chief Rick Hite.  “Collaborating with our law enforcement partners at the Indiana State Police, the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office, and the Indiana National Guard Counterdrug Task Force is essential to our continued success.”

“Some of them have been players a long time,” said Chief Hite. “They’ve been support players for a long time.”

Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter added, “I know this has been said many times before, but it is true; arrests, like those announced today are a direct result of police agencies partnering and pooling their resources to disrupt the flow of drugs into the Indianapolis community.”

“Those involved in gangs and drugs, those involved in violent crime are going to hear from us,” said Hite. “The calvary’s coming. We’re going to keep coming. What we have to recognize is that when people talk and identify who the threat groups are and we go after them, the next step is making sure that they are adjudicated and put in prison for very long periods of time.”


Antjaun Dyson, 34 – dealing in cocaine, possession of cocaine, resisting law enforcement, and residential entry

Larry Coe, 38 – dealing in cocaine, possession of cocaine, carrying a handgun without a license, dealing in marijuana, and possession of cocaine

Johnny Whitthorne, 42 – dealing and possession of cocaine

Britni Jackson, 24 – dealing in cocaine, possession of cocaine, and possession of a controlled substance

Brandon Harris, 25 – dealing and possession of cocaine

Pedro Navarro, 27 – formal charges to be filed

Edgar Dominguez, 25 – formal charges to be filed

Felipe Maguella, 22 – formal charges to be filed

Jose Reyes, 26 – formal charges to be filed

Sabrina Collier, 41 – formal charges to be filed

Wade Havvard, 36 – formal charges to be filed

Marvin Golden, 35 – Formal charges to be filed

Tuwauna Harney, 36 – formal charges to be filed

Waimond Jackson, 53 – formal charges to be filed

James Williams, 42 – formal charges to be filed

Sarrah Porter, 24 – formal charges to be filed

An additional 25 individuals were arrested and face preliminary charges of visiting a common nuisance.

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