INDIANAPOLIS — IMPD made an arrest in a homicide that took the life of a 31-year-old man in late December.

Police arrested Emmanuel Newman on January 5 in connection to a shooting police investigated on December 28.

According to court records, the deadly shooting started with an argument between cousins and ended when the victim walked out his front door and was ambushed by gunfire.

Candles are still flickering on the sidewalk of the Lodge Apartments, where 31-year-old Joshua Hopson lost his life last week.

Wilson Ricks recalled seeing his neighbor lying dead on the ground outside his front door. He described Hopson as a polite and respectful young father.

“When you meet good people, when something happens, it saddens you,” said Ricks.

Police were first called to the scene around 3 in the morning last Wednesday and found the victim dead from multiple gunshot wounds.

Police claim surveillance cameras at the complex showed the suspect drive into the lot, walk around with a rifle, shoot the victim and then drive away in a dark Cadillac.

According to the affidavit, after the shooting the victim’s girlfriend called 911 and identified Emmanuel Newman as the killer.

Booking photo of Emmanuel Newman

She told police the violence stemmed from an argument about family.

The girlfriend said the suspect called and threatened to kill the victim, who told the suspect, “I’m coming outside. I’m unarmed.” 

The victim then walked out of his apartment, where he was killed.

“It is very important that adults and youth learn how to resolve disputes in a non-violent manner,” said Dountonia Batts with the Peace Learning Center.

Batts insists learning how to de-escalate arguments can save lives and prevent violence.

Later this year, the Peace Learning Center is starting a restorative justice initiative which will collaborate with other groups to help teach conflict resolution skills at a young age.

“We can’t avoid conflict. That’s part of life, but it’s the way we handle it that is very important,” said Batts.

The victim’s former neighbor also wishes people would learn to be less combative with friends and family.

“It’s better to say there he goes than to say there he lays,” said Wilson.

After being arrested, Newman asked for an attorney and refused to talk to police.

The murder weapon was allegedly found during a search of his home. He is being held without bond pending the filing of formal charges.

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office will review the case and determine a final charging decision.

Anyone with information about this incident should contact Detective Kyle Hoover at the IMPD Homicide Office at 317-327-3475 or by email at

Jesse Wells contributed to this story.