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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — IMPD’s proposed budget for 2022 includes more funding for the department than ever between the annual budget and money from the American Rescue Plan Act. Chief Randal Taylor said the main priority is public safety and driving down city-wide violence.

IMPD is proposing $264,964,602 for the budget and $28,500,000 from the American Rescue Plan over three years. The ARPA money will allow the department to afford 100 new officers and purchase new technology.

“We know it’s a lot of money,” Taylor said. “People see those kind of numbers and they get concerned. But, we are not squandering it. We are really looking at what are the best uses of that money, how’s it going to benefit the community as a whole. It’s not for luxury items or anything like that. I mean technology is expensive but I think most people will find it very helpful. It will help our officers to better combat the crime here in the city.”

IMPD is still investigating what specific technology to buy, such as gunshot detection technology. The department said they essentially have a wishlist of items they would like to purchase.

“When we talked about the potential for ballistics type technology, ShotSpotter is a type, but that’s something that comes with some pros and cons,” Taylor said. “So, before we invest any money in that we’ll certainly have a time to vet it sort of like what we did with body cameras.”

No one from the public gave a comment during the meeting Wednesday. Councilors will vote on the final 2022 budget proposal in October.