INDIANAPOLIS — Charges are now filed against two men. One who was working as a security guard outside of J.D.’s Pub the night of a deadly shooting.

According to court documents, 22-year-old Cameron Lumpkin-Weremay and 32-year-old Jordan Morris have both been charged. Court records indicate Morris was working security for Chosen Protection Services the night of the shooting at J.D.’s Pub. Lumpkin-Weremay is the owner of the company.

On Feb. 23, 2022, a no contact order was issued against Jordan Morris. According to court documents, the order said Morris is not allowed to have firearms, deadly weapons or ammunition in his possession.

“One of the security guards should not have been in possession of a firearm,” said IMPD Officer William Young. Court docs said IMPD body worn camera footage showed Morris with a handgun on his hip when officers responded to the shooting at J.D. Pub on April 2. Surveillance video also shows Morris holding a rifle inside the bar.

Court records show Lumpkin-Weremay is the owner of Chosen Protection Solutions.

”The owner of that security company actually did not have a license to operate as a security agency,” said Young.

According to court records, Chosen Protection Solutions is not a licensed security company with the state of Indiana but operated as one from March 18, 2022 to April 2, 2022.

Video obtained by IMPD from Chosen Protections Solutions Facebook page allegedly shows both Morris and Lumpkin-Weremay outside of J.D.’s Pub.

IMPD says video shows Jordan Morris (left) and Cameron Lumpkin-Weremay (right) outside of J.D.’s Pub.

”The entire situation is completely illegal,” said Cory Martin, the Executive Director of Alliance Security. Alliance Security is a security compnay made up of off-duty or retired state police officers.

Martin said being licensed as a security company through the state means the company has gone through training.

“If you don’t go through those hoops then you don’t understand what requirements are there and companies that don’t do that have no idea how to operate in the right way,” Martin said.

Martin said without licensing, companies are unable to prove their employees have passed a background check, as well.

”It paints a negative picture when innocent companies are seeking security services and they don’t want that to happen to them,” Martin said.

We called the number listed on the Chosen Protection Solutions Facebook page. A person answered, identified themselves as Cameron Lumpkin and said he had no comment on the charges.

Heading into this weekend, IMPD is asking for anyone with knowledge of bars or security agencies operating illegally to pass along the information.

“We’ve seen countless times where some of these establishments have led to shootings or homicides,” Young said.

If you want to remain anonymous, you can also send a tip to Crime Stoppers.

”We are asking them to reach out to us so we can help make their neighborhoods safe,” said Daniel Rosenberg, the Director of Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana.

At last check, neither of the security guards have been arrested. A warrant has been issued for Morris, but one had not yet been issued for Lumpkin-Weremay.