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UPDATE (July 16, 2021)– Police announced an arrest in this case. Read more here.

INDIANAPOLIS — Police in Indianapolis are searching for a pair of suspects allegedly involved in a shooting during an apparent road rage incident on the city’s northeast side.

The incident happened on July 9 around 5:30 p.m. in the 4200 block of North Arlington Avenue, north of East 42nd Street.

“An individual thought that somebody was following too closely behind them and slammed on their brakes,” said Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department public information officer Lieutenant Shane Foley. “Somebody got out of the vehicle behind them and allegedly shot the occupant of that vehicle.”

According to police, the victim was located about half a mile up the road in the area of 46th Street and Arlington Avenue.

Police arrived and found the woman suffering from at least one gunshot wound. On Friday, IMPD told FOX59 the woman had been struck in the back and was transported to the hospital with injuries believed to be non-life threatening.

Foley said detectives were able to obtain videos and pictures of the alleged suspects captured from inside a vehicle, and they are now looking for the community’s assistance in identifying who they are.

“We know for sure, somebody in our community knows who these individuals are. We need them, the community needs them, to come forward and identify those responsible for this crime,” Foley said.

On July 12, IMPD released the following photos showing the alleged suspects, who they said were driving a red Honda Fit. In addition to the two people visible in the photos, investigators believe there was a female passenger in the car.

Foley said this act of violence not only endangered the life of the woman shot, but also others in the area where it happened.

“Those bullets don’t just stop at a car. They go on, and it could have hit anybody,” said Foley.

On Friday night, IMPD Capt. Rebecca Lake told a FOX59 crew at the scene, “We have another person whose vehicle was shot, who went on home and called us.”

That person was not injured, according to police.

“It’s a pretty good neighborhood. For the most part, we don’t have a lot of trouble, but you just see a lot of road rage and motorcycles and people racing through here,” said Latroy Terrell, who lives near the intersection where the shooting allegedly happened.

Terrell said he didn’t see or hear what happened until after the fact, but was disappointed to learn that somebody had been injured.

“It’s everywhere, so even on the highway,” he said. “You get a little too close to someone’s car, and they want to start shooting at you. For what?”

In a story earlier this month, Indiana State Police said they have had an increase in interstate shooting investigations since the beginning of 2021. So far, troopers have investigated at least 30 incidents of gunfire on Indianapolis-area interstates, according to ISP.

Similar to the incident on the northeast side Friday, ISP said the majority of these investigations determined road rage initiated the incidents, which led to gunfire.

As far as what IMPD sees within their own investigations, Foley said, “Most of the violent crime that we see are people who know each other. It’s targeted individuals, it’s isolated, but we do see some situations where innocent people are injured.

“We need to find other ways to resolve conflict other than violence, particularly gun violence.”

“These young people, they don’t value life like they did when we was growing up,” Terrell shared. “I hope a lot of them get their stuff straightened out before it’s too late for them.”

Foley said it’s frustrating to see these types of incidents occuring in the community.

“An individual driving down the street, and you get into an argument over driving, and the solution is to pull out a gun and shoot somebody. That’s just not acceptable. Nobody should find that acceptable, and people who know who these individuals are have an obligation to come forward and help us identify who they are,” said Foley.

Foley said IMPD has had “pretty tremendous success” this year with the help of community cooperation in investigations where violent crime is involved.

“It’s resulted in us being able to identify these individuals and make some solid arrests on them,” he shared.

According to Foley, this is a great example of the value cameras can have in an investigation — whether it be a mounted camera in a vehicle or even a video doorbell camera on a home. If anyone has additional footage of the incident, police are asking for them to share.

Anyone with information about this incident should call the Aggravated Assault Detective at 317-327-3892 or Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana at 317-262-TIPS (8477). Tips to Crime Stoppers are considered anonymous and could lead to a cash reward.  

If you have additional video evidence, that would need to be shared directly with IMPD detectives, even if you still wish to remain anonymous. IMPD is not able to capture video through Crime Stoppers, Foley said.

“If those people who were engaged in this act want to come forward and speak to the detective and tell us their side of the story, we want to listen as well,” Foley added.