Justin Matthews was charged with kidnapping and auto theft. Court documents provide more details of the incident.


INDIANAPOLIS — One person was unhurt after being a victim of a carjacking in downtown Indianapolis, said IMPD.

Police responded to the incident just before 12:30 a.m. outside of W. Maryland Street. The address matched a restaurant at the Circle Centre Mall.

According to a police report, someone had stolen a vehicle with a 70-year-old female passenger still inside of it. The woman was later dropped off a few blocks away, unharmed.

“The passenger, who was in the vehicle at the time…was safely able to exit the vehicle just a few blocks later,” Sgt. Genae Cook said.

The police report listed the incident as a kidnapping.

The stolen vehicle is listed as a gray 2018 Chevrolet Equinox.

Police said they found the vehicle and a suspect more than 100 miles away in Illinois. The man was arrested and is being held without bail.

IMPD is not releasing the suspect’s name citing the ongoing investigation.

“Whenever somebody is sitting in a vehicle, whether or not they’re a passenger or maybe in the back of the vehicle, think about locking your doors,” Sgt. Cook said. “I mean someone may not be able to see you very well and think the vehicle is just running.”

FOX59 reached out to the victims in this case. One told us they didn’t want to speak about the incident and relive what she experienced.