INDIANAPOLIS — A serial robber responsible for at least nine robberies across Indianapolis was tracked down and taken into custody after stealing cash from a Family Dollar on the city’s near east side.

Tyler Teague, 18, was arrested for a string of robberies that stretch back to July after being tracked down by Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers on Sunday following his latest armed robbery.

According to court documents, Teague was tracked down and captured after robbing a near east side Family Dollar of $600 on Sunday morning.

Police were called to the Family Dollar located in the 3700 block of E. New York Street at approximately 8:10 a.m. on report of the robbery. Employees said a black male wearing a ski mask, sunglasses and a pair of purple surgical gloves walked into the store and pointed a gun at them demanding money.

The suspect piled cash from a safe into a bag and then fled the Family Dollar.

Police were able to track down the suspect’s vehicle in the 500 block of S. Audubon Road. Police said the driver — later identified as Tyler Teague — took off running on foot and scaled an eight foot chainlink fence to escape police officers.

Police quickly set up a perimeter and used a SWAT team and a K9 to track Teague down and take him into custody, IMPD said.

Court documents reveal that Teague admitted to officers that he robbed the Famiy Dollar on New York Street. A search of Teague’s vehicle uncovered the bag of cash taken from the Family Dollar along with a 9mm handgun, purple latex gloves, a black beanie and sunglasses.

Police also found bundles of cash and multiple receipts that showed that Teague had been depositing cash into a PNC bank account.

Teague ended up admitting to robbing several other businesses, according to the court documents.

IMPD said Teague is tied to eight other Indianapolis robberies that stretch back to July.

Teague is accused of robbing:

  • Dollar General, 8760 Southeastern Ave., on July 21
  • Dollar General, 8323 E Washington St., on July 27
  • Dollar General, 1801 S Emerson Ave., on Aug. 11
  • Walgreens, 6745 Southport Rd, on Aug. 15
  • CVS, 7935 Brookville Rd, on Sept. 19
  • Walgreens, 11025 E Washington St., on Sept. 25
  • Dollar General, 2509 Albany St., on Oct. 6
  • Walgreens, 5095 E Thompson St., on Oct. 7

Final charges will be decided by the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office.