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MADISON COUNTY, Ind. — Monday brought some scary moments for students and parents in Alexandria.

Students at a Madison County junior-senior high school were dismissed early Monday in response to an incident, although police later said it appeared there was no threat at the school.

Madison County EMA said the school was ending early as a precaution to an unspecified threat that ended up being unfounded. According to the agency, nothing was found during a search.

Indiana State Police described the threat as a false alarm and said there were no injuries or shots fired, but some students did report hearing gunshots.

“I heard in the beginning two muffled gunshots outside the school and then I heard ‘Hard lockdown,'” said student Jazzlynn Jones.

Other students claim the sound of gunfire was actually firecrackers, but whatever the source, students were quickly put on lockdown. Officers swept the building at least twice.

“I heard running and screaming. It was scary,” said Jones.

“They said, ‘Hard lockdown. Hard lockdown.’ We barricaded the doors and then it was quiet the whole time,” said student Braxton Bratt.

State police confirm a call was made to county dispatchers just after 10 in the morning reporting an active threat at the school. The person on the call, ISP said, posed as an employee at the school and told police there was an active threat, which prompted the response.

“The police response was overwhelming. There was a school resource officer at the school. He advised he had no evidence of a threat going on,” said ISP Sgt. Scott Keegan.

Other schools in Alexandria were also placed on lockdown as a precaution, but state police claim no active threat was found.

“It’s basically all hands on deck with law enforcement to respond to any active threat in schools. We were able to establish there was no active threat going on and now we can continue with the investigative portion of it,” said Keegan.

“I didn’t know what was going to happen. I was worried,” said student Krystina Brumfiel.

The large police response clearly scared some students. While state police called the event a false alarm, some parents who showed up mid-day to pick up their kids remained skeptical of the police explanation.

“I’ve never heard of them transporting kids for a false alarm,” said parent David Brumfiel.

State police said no injuries were reported from the incident and the exact nature of that incident remains under investigation.

The City of Alexandria released a statement on Facebook. “We understand your concern.  Please exercise restraint and stay clear of the high school so all first responders can get where they need to.  We are following the events closely and will be assisting where needed.  We will relay information as we are able,” the agency stated.

Jesse Wells contributed to this report.