INDIANAPOLIS — A southern Indiana man who robbed five banks over the span of ten weeks has been sentenced to more than a decade in federal prison.

Daniel Wilkinson, 30, of Floyds Knobs, pleaded guilty to five different bank robberies in the Indianapolis area as well as two firearm-related counts. A federal judge sentenced him this week to 12 years.

Between Sept. 5 and Nov. 17, 2020, Wilkinson robbed five different Chase Bank locations around Indianapolis. In each case, he approached the teller with a note demanding money and announcing he planned to rob the bank. Wilkson stole at least $30,000 during the spree, according to federal prosecutors.

During the Nov. 13, 2020, robbery at the Chase location on Castle Creek Parkway Drive, the note to the teller said, “Stay calm stay quiet this is a robbery open your teller drawer and take all the money out I will shoot my way out if I have [to].” He then lifted his shirt to show he had a black handgun in his front pocket. The teller gave him about $2,200 in cash.

Days later, on Nov. 17, Wilkinson entered the Chase Bank on Kentucky Avenue. That note said, “Stay calm this is a robbery take all the money out of the drawer and any underneath…Place it in envelopes No tracers or Dye Packs If I have [to] I’ll Shoot.” The teller then handed over cash.

Immediately after the robbery, IMPD SWAT officers located Wilkinson’s getaway car and arrested him. He had a handgun with him when he was taken into custody. A search of the vehicle turned up more than $6,300 in cash inside Chase Bank envelopes, clothing worn during the robberies and a notebook with writing impressions from one of his notes.

The FBI and Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department investigated the case. Wilkinson will serve five years of supervised probation after his release and was also ordered to pay more than $30,800 in restitution to JP Morgan Chase Bank.

Wilkinson initially faced state charges in the robberies. Those were dismissed, however, after the federal indictment. A woman who was with Wilkinson was also charged federally.

Here are the dates and locations of the five Indianapolis bank robberies:

  • Sept. 5, 2020: 7336 Rockville Road, Indianapolis
  • Sept. 17, 2020: 2302 Cunningham Road, Speedway
  • Oct. 7, 2020: 8751 N. Michigan Rd, Indianapolis
  • Nov. 13, 2020: 5701 Castle Creek Parkway North Drive, Indianapolis
  • Nov. 17, 2020: 3451 Kentucky Avenue, Indianapolis