INDIANAPOLIS — A family came back to their Indianapolis home over the weekend to find bullet holes all over their walls. There’s now a big bullet hole right above a couch and inches away from a framed symbol of the family’s faith.

“The first emotion that comes to mind is anger,” said Vincent Hicks, a renter.

Hicks, his fiancée and her 6-year-old daughter live in a home off East 24th Street on the near northeast side. Sunday night, they got home around 11 pm.

“I just went out to do some laundry and came back and there was a hole in the wall and was like, that definitely wasn’t here when we left,” said Hicks.

Hicks quickly realized this wasn’t just one bullet hole.

“The first thing I checked was our house and I came to the back and noticed it’s just riddled right here,” said Hicks.

Hicks’ home wasn’t the only one hit. A few feet away, his neighbor’s home wass covered in bullet holes, three of which are in the back windows.

“It was intentional. It was very intentional,” Hicks said. “They wanted somebody to hurt at the end of the day and I don’t even care who.”

Hicks said he has no idea who would do this. There’s an alley behind the homes and he thinks perhaps this is where the shooter or shooters came from.

“Somebody’s going to watch this, some kid is going to watch this and they’re going to know who did it or maybe they did it themselves,” Hicks said. “They’re going to think they’re dope or they’re going to think they did something.”

Hicks said he knows this could’ve been a very different story if his family was home during the shooting.

“I’m taking it personally,” he said.

The renter said he wants whoever fired these shots to realize the choices they make have permanent consequences.

“It just takes a millisecond to end somebody’s life,” said Hicks.

Hicks did file a police report and IMPD is investigating.