UPDATE (08/24/2023): On Aug. 24, 2023, Jonathan O’Connor was sentenced to 38 years in the Indiana Department of Corrections and 2 years of probation.


INDIANAPOLIS — A second Indy man was found guilty after two men were charged with abducting and severely beating a woman in Henry County in 2018.

Court records detailed the jury found Jonathan O’Connor guilty of aiding attempted murder, criminal confinement, aggravated battery and commission of theft on Thursday.

The other defendant, Christopher Williams was found guilty earlier this year and was sentenced to 38 years in prison in May 2023.

Indiana State Police said their investigation began in June 2018 when they arrested two people in connection to the reported abduction and attempted murder. They added a woman was found off Grant City Road in Knightstown.

The victim was severely beaten and left along the side of the road in a ditch for almost a whole day before someone found her, “screaming.”

Investigators were searching for the woman after a missing person report was filed and she hadn’t shown up to pick her children up from daycare. She was found on June 13, 2018.

The woman was still recovering from her injuries when police detailed their investigation in December 2018.

Christopher Williams (left) and Jonathan O’Connor (right) booking photos from 2018 arrests

Both O’Connor and Williams were arrested and charged in connection to the incident by the Henry County Prosecutor’s Office.

Court records said O’Connor was found guilty of aiding in the commission of attempted murder, Level 1 Felony; criminal confinement, Level 6 Felony; aiding in the commission of aggravated battery, Level 3 Felony and aiding in the commission of theft, Class A Misdemeanor.

A sentencing hearing was set for Aug. 24 at 1:30 p.m.