INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis man was sentenced to more than seven years in prison after he made and sold “Glock switches” and “auto-sears” by using a 3D printer.

According to a news release from the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Indiana, 31-year-old Micah Moore, an Indianapolis resident, pleaded guilty to possession of a machine gun. Moore was sentenced to seven years and six months in federal prison.

In July 2022, investigators with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department conducted a search of Moore’s Indianapolis home. The release said that during the search, police recovered two machine gun conversion devices, or “Glock switches,” as well as three “auto-sears” that were created to function as machine gun conversion devices if it is installed on a semiautomatic rifle.

Officials said the conversion devices are considered machine guns under federal law, even when they are not installed, and are illegal to possess or sell in “almost all cases.” In an interview with law enforcement, Moore said he was making the devices using a 3D printer and that he was reselling firearms he bought off the street.

“Criminals who put illegal machine guns onto our streets add fuel to the fire of gun violence already devastating far too many of our families,” Zachary A. Myers, the United States attorney for the southern district of Indiana, said in the release. “Possession and sale of these extremely dangerous devices is a serious crime which can result in years in federal prison. Our office will continue to work with the ATF, IMPD, and all our partners in law enforcement to get illegal machine guns out of our communities and hold gun traffickers accountable.”

The release said that Moore will serve three years of probation after his prison sentence and was also ordered to pay a $750 fine.