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CHICAGO — Two Indianapolis men have been federally charged for allegedly trafficking 10 guns to Chicago.

Devante Brown, 27 and Corey Sartin, 19, are facing charges of conspiracy and willfully dealing firearms without a license.

Additionally, Brown was charged with possessing firearms as a previously convicted felon.

Federal prosecutors believe Brown and Sartin sold ten guns, including four semi-automatic handguns, four semi-automatic rifles and two “ghost guns.”

The pair was arrested Friday in Calumet City after selling the guns to two undercover officers.

“Trust me we gone keep you with all the artillery. I come across guns all day long. We gone do good business together,” Brown allegedly texted one of the undercover officers.

Prosecutors also believe the pair sold four other firearms to an undercover officer in Pullman on May 31. Sartin also allegedly sold a firearm to an undercover officer on April 9 in Lynwood.