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INDIANAPOLIS — Following a deadly and violent weekend in Indy, city leaders want all residents to know they play a key role in crime prevention and reduction. They remind neighbors they don’t need to wear a badge, hold an elected position or work for a non-profit to make a difference.

“As elected leaders in this city, we can’t do it alone,” said Chairman Leroy Robinson, of the city-county council’s Public Safety & Criminal Justice Committee. “IMPD cannot do it alone, the prosecutor’s office cannot do it alone. We need community organizations, businesses and churches and regular citizens to support us in this effort.”

The city’s website,, offers lots of information about who residents can contact if they have an issue related to public safety. For one, each police district has a CrimeWatch specialist.

CrimeWatch specialists are able to help those living within their districts to form neighborhood block clubs. These clubs act as another set of eyes and ears for police and the community.

“We have to be more preventative as a community to help our IMPD officers to do this work,” Robinson said.

Each resident also has a neighborhood advocate who can communicate directly with the mayor’s office. You can find your contact at

Marion County residents can also discuss their concerns and experiences with their city-county councilors.

“It starts at that level versus looking at the whole city as a whole,” Robinson said. “Let’s look at where these individual crimes are occurring and narrow down on some of the things that we’re doing in those spaces.”