INDIANAPOLIS — Every day more than two people on average are shot in Indianapolis. Now, two women are making it their life goal to help victims of gun violence.

Antonia Bailey lost her two children to gun violence in 2019. Deandra Dycus’ son was injured in a shooting in 2014 when he was 13, paralyzing him from the chest down.

Now these two women are leading the city’s “Nonfatal Shooting Response Program” and merely two months in, they’re making a difference. Since the start of the program on May 25, they’ve helped 40% of victims find resources.

“Just making sure people know what’s out there is just so vital and important, otherwise they’ll be like myself when Dre was injured scrambling to find things, said Dycus. “Now it’s all in one place, and we have a website coming out in August where they can log in and take a look at the resources.”

“Just for them to be open with us,” said Bailey, “And the relationships we’re building and the trust we’re building and to know someone cares about what they’re going through and they want to help prevent it from happening again.”

The team reaches out to the victims 24 hours after the fact, and if they’re receptive, they reach back out multiple times. All the way up to a year.

Deandra and Antonia are hoping to add a third person to their team by the end of the year.

You can email them here: Antonia Bailey, Deandra Dycus