INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis man is in jail accused of reckless homicide following a deadly crash on the city’s north side.

Prosecutors claim 24-year-old Cortney Flynn caused a fatal crash in January by driving 125 miles per hour and running a red light at W. 86th and Ditch.

Booking photo for Cortney Flynn

That speed is more than three times the posted limit on 86th Street.

Prosecutors said the case reflects a common problem.

“There’s just no excuse for it and, unfortunately, we’re seeing people bear the cost of people driving in such an irresponsible manner,” said Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears.

Nearly four months after the crash, Mears filed a reckless homicide charge against Flynn for allegedly causing the death of Robert Bell II. 

Flynn is the second driver arrested for reckless homicide in Indianapolis in less than a week.

“Innocent people are being impacted and harmed because people are driving way too fast and because they’re driving too fast they can’t stop at stop signs and they’re not stopping at stop lights,” said Mears.

The same day Flynn was arrested this week, prosecutors also filed a reckless homicide charge against 40-year-old Jacob Agee.

Booking photo for Jacob Agee

Prosecutors claim Agee was driving a Jeep at nearly 80 miles per hour while intoxicated when he ran a red light at 30th and Meridian and killed the driver of a Honda, an innocent woman named Kiara Jenkins.

“We are seeing people who ordinarily aren’t in the criminal justice system in the system because they’re driving like maniacs,” said Mears. “I mean it’s just frustrating to see because so many innocent people are impacted.”

While the crash on 86th Street and the fatal collision on Meridian aren’t connected to each other, Prosecutor Mears believes the two criminal cases serve a shared message and urges everyone to be safe behind the wheel.

“The biggest thing is slow down. We need people to slow down and drive responsibly and drive the speed limit,” said Mears.

Reckless homicide is a level 5 felony which includes a punishment of one to six years behind bars.