INDIANAPOLIS – A man is charged after police uncovered evidence of him being a suspected shooter during a local park shootout in May.

20-year-old Xavier White has several charges of criminal recklessness after police say he fired shots that hit a North Park Avenue home on May 30 during a shootout at Martin Luther King, Jr. Park off Broadway Street. Police say over 40 shots were fired during this incident. It was during a string of park shootings at the beginning of Summer.

Court documents show a home was hit after the owner heard nearly 20 shots being fired outside. He added many of them struck his home that his wife and young child were also in. He stated the bullets caused about $5,000 in damage to the residence and windows.

Investigators say the owner witnessed a gray Chrysler park in front of his home and saw five males exit the car and walk to the nearby basketball court in the park. Later, a black Dodge pulled up near his home and two males got out and began exchanging words with someone on the court. The owner added he then heard gunfire and nearly 20 shots before the Dodge sped off.

The owner wasn’t able to obtain any additional information and his family took cover while shots were going off outside. Detectives were able to obtain video from the man and a neighbor related to the shooting. The video was able to show the moments before the shootout at the park. It showed the individuals from the Chrysler later seen after the shooting running back armed with guns.

Court documents show investigators were able to link the shots fired at the home to the driver of the Chrysler. The owner was then identified as White.

After finding out where the car was registered officers were granted a search warrant of the home White lives on June 6. They saw the car in the driveway and then asked all occupants to come out. Officers say they could smell an odor of marijuana and began to ask both men who exit the home Jerold Eaton and White if there were any firearms inside.

White told officers he had a firearm in his brother’s room. He added that he knew he wasn’t supposed to have a firearm due to a prior guilty plea for dealing marijuana but that he had the gun for his protection. He also admitted the marijuana in the home belonged to him.

White also told investigators that he was at the park on May 30 with a man known to him as “nardo”. White added that a vehicle approached and began firing shots into the crowd. He says he did not shoot back and fled from the area. He also told investigators he did not see who fired shots.

During the search officers found a blue iPhone, a black iPhone, a digital scale, 44 grams of marijuana and a Glock 21 with an extended magazine containing 11 live rounds.

White was then taken to the criminal justice complex. He’s being charged with criminal recklessness after shooting firearm into building, Level 5 Felony, unlawful carrying of a handgun, Level 5 Felony, criminal recklessness with deadly weapon, Level 6 Felony and dealing marijuana, Level 6 Felony.

His jury trial is scheduled for August 16 at 9 a.m.