INDIANAPOLIS — A 55-year-old Indy man has been found guilty of raping a sleeping woman in December of 2019.

After a two-day jury trial, Muhammed Cross was found guilty of two counts of rape, each Level 3 felonies. Cross will be sentenced on Sept. 15. A Level 3 felony in Indiana carries a prison sentence of between three and 16 years.

According to court documents, officers with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department were dispatched to the Pangea Vistas Apartments on Bolton Court on Dec. 14, 2019, on report of a rape.

The victim told police she had been staying at the apartment overnight after becoming locked out of her home and coming to the apartment to stay with a friend. The victim told police her friend had left her in the bedroom to sleep in privacy while he went and slept on the couch.

Cross was also reportedly staying in the apartment and, at some point during the night, he entered the bedroom and sexually assaulted the sleeping woman. At first, the victim told investigators she had thought it was her friend until she turned and saw Cross, who lifted a finger to his lips and shushed her.

The victim fought against Cross’s grip and he reportedly let her go and walked out of the room. He stayed locked in his bedroom until police arrived, documents said.

Police said Cross was so intoxicated when officers spoke to him that it wasn’t even possible to interview him. Occupants of the apartment told officers Cross had been drinking for three days and hadn’t eaten any food or drank any water.