INDIANAPOLIS — There was bad blood brewing on social media in the spring of 2019 around Xavier Weir, 16, a student at Scecina High School.

Witness told police they were meeting up with Weir to buy vape cartridges full of THC oil, that he had been flashing money on social media along with photographs of guns and a threat to harm the brother of someone he allegedly robbed the month before.

Maybe so, but that was no reason to kill him.

”I fought for my son’s life from the time I was five months pregnant and I couldn’t even save him from this ugly world,” said Michelle Raines through tears as she stood before dawn on the sidewalk outside of the Marion County Prosecutors Office, holding signs with friends and protesting the pending reduced plea agreements offered to the two people accused of killing Xavier. ”It happens every day. Our youth is being demolished by people shooting and getting off, getting pleas, they plead everything out.”

Isaiha Funez was 16 and German Parra was 26 the day they were accused of chasing down Weir and his friends early on the morning of April 7, 2019.

Parra was a U.S. Army sergeant assigned to Fort Knox, Kentucky, who had been coming home on weekends to party with teenagers on the west side of Indianapolis.

Funez told police Weir was after him.

Instead, Beech Grove Police said Funez and Parra followed Weir’s car to the 400 block of Grovewood Drive where a neighbor that day told FOX59 News what she saw.

”I seen like the car pulling up into the house and trying to reverse and the car that was behind it two guys got out and started shooting up the car at least 12 caps and bullets and everything.”

Funez shot himself in the leg. Weir was hit three times and his car veered off into a creek. Investigators said Parra drove his wounded partner to St. Francis Hospital and dropped him off.

“When you shoot 17 times into a car, you intend to kill everybody in that car,” said Raines. ”They said they were robbing my son, but when you rob somebody, don’t you maybe approach them, take whatever you want from them and maybe shoot them and whatever then? They never approached the car. I mean, it was caught on video. Even if it’s not clear, you see they don’t approach the car.”

The investigation led BPD detectives to Parra’s housing unit on the military base where investigators told a judge they found the clothes he was wearing that night and bullets.

Parra’s been in jail ever since.

During his trial last October, jurors debated just a few hours before announcing themselves deadlocked at 6-6 and a mistrial was declared.

Now both Funez and Parra have accepted plea agreements to armed robbery charges and will be sentenced next month.

”They never mentioned that he’s in the military and how old he was. He was 26 years old. This guy defends our country. Like, I just don’t understand it. My son was 16. He was a kid still,” said Raines.

”Seventeen-and-a-half years for robbery. With bodily harm,” Raines said, recounting Parra’s potential sentence. ”I mean, he didn’t rob my son. He murdered my son. I mean, he has so much evidence in there. The video, the boy saying that he was there. I just don’t understand how he can plead when it’s not fair. He robbed my son’s life, so he gets less time than my son was here on this earth.”

The Marion County Prosecutors Offices claims an 86% conviction rate on 33 bench and jury murder trials plus 10 murder guilty pleas in 2022.

Four murder cases were dismissed.

After the protest on the sidewalk, Raines made it as far as the MCPO waiting room to ask for a meeting with Prosecutor Ryan Mears.

She’s still waiting.

”I feel like German and Isaiha are the victim,” she said. “I don’t feel like I’m the victim. My son’s gone and they don’t care. That’s the bottom line. They don’t care.”

Raines said after his death, her son’s organs were harvested and transplanted into seven people.

The prosecutor’s office issued the following statement to FOX59 News:

We sincerely appreciate the advocacy of the Weir family.

In October 2022, our trial teams presented this case to a Marion County jury for three days. After deliberations, the jury was deadlocked. The proposed plea agreement is a reflection of the facts and circumstances of a case with significant evidentiary issues. Furthermore, this resolution will result in a conviction with significant prison time.”