Indianapolis police arrested two people accused of killing taxi driver Abdukadir Filanwaa.


INDIANAPOLIS — Funeral services were held Tuesday for an Indianapolis cab driver who was shot to death over the weekend.

Abdukadir Filanwaa, 55, was found dead inside his taxi early Saturday morning. A little after 4 a.m. a 911 caller reported that a taxi cab had been sitting at the corner of 11th Street and Central Avenue for an extended period of time.

When police arrived, they found the taxi doors open and Filanwaa dead in the driver’s seat.

“He’s an ordinary person just like every other Muslim immigrant and decided to do his job, and then his life is taken,” said Imam Ahmed Alamine with the Indianapolis Muslim Community Association.

Alamine said Filanwaa fled violence in Somalia in the 1990s and had been living in Indianapolis ever since. He, like so many of the city’s Muslim immigrants, became a cab driver, and his killing has devastated his family in more ways than one.

“He was a provider for his family back home in Somalia,” Alamine said. “Now that source of income for his family is gone.”

On Tuesday, a prayer service was held for Filanwaa, and he was buried in Crown Hill Cemetery. Filanwaa’s only daughter, who lives in the United Kingdom, was unable to make it to the United States to say goodbye.

“She is definitely devastated,” Alamine said. “All she wanted to know is who killed her father. That’s the only thing she wanted to know.”

The Imam said the killing has shaken the Muslim community, and he’s fielded numerous calls and text messages from other cab drivers who are concerned.

“Many people are taxi drivers,” Alamine said. “[Some are wondering] is it going to be my last day when I leave home just like what happened to Abdukadir?”

Police believe the killing happened between 2 and 4 a.m. Detectives are asking nearby businesses and homeowners to check their cameras for anything suspicious. Alamine hopes that anybody who knows anything will step up.

“If you know something, have the audacity to come and report so that we can at least serve justice for the family,” Alamine said.

Alamine said Filanwaa’s daughter hopes to come to Indianapolis at some point and visit her father’s burial site.

Anybody who knows anything about this crime can contact Crime Stoppers at (317) 262-TIPS.