INDIANAPOLIS — Club Onyx, an Indianapolis strip club with a troubled history, abruptly announced its closure a little over a week after police raided the south side club.

On Tuesday, Club Onyx took to Instagram to announce the sudden closure. No reason was given in the social media post for why the club located at 4444 S. Harding Street suddenly shuttered its doors.

Court documents, however, revealed a two-month-long undercover investigation by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department which culminated in a raid on the nightclub on Sunday, Feb. 19. Four workers were arrested as part of the raid on drug, alcohol, gun and prostitution charges.

According to the charging documents, two dancers offered to have sex with undercover officers in exchange for money. This offer was reportedly made to the officers during multiple visits.

Undercover officers also uncovered that a bathroom attendant was reportedly selling alcohol after hours from a trash bag. Court documents detail that a bartender allegedly told police about the bathroom attendant in exchange for a tip. The female attendant reportedly sold 100ml bottles of Hennessey for $10 and kept them stored in a trash bag hidden in the women’s restroom.

Court documents detail that during another visit, undercover officers purchased further Hennessey from the bathroom attendant along with Casa Migos tequila. Officers asked if she sold anything else.

“I got weed,” the attendant reportedly replied.

The undercover officers then accuse the attendant of selling them 3.5 grams of weed that was hidden in a plastic glove wrapped in tissue in the women’s bathroom.

During another visit, the attendant reportedly told the undercover officers that she also sold “powder” which often sells out fast. Detectives stated powder is a street term for cocaine.

On February 19, IMPD raided Club Onyx. The bathroom attendant was found to have marijuana on her person along with having unlicensed alcohol near at hand in the bathroom.

Police reported spotting another staff member attempting to leave the bathroom while stuffing something into a bag. Police stopped the woman and found her in possession of a jar of marijuana. A Glock 32 was also found in a locker belonging to this same employee.

Police records indicate that prior to its closure, officers were often called to Club Onyx.

In March 2022, police were called to Club Onyx after a patron was allegedly kicked out of the strip club only to return shortly afterward and fire a gun into the club. A security guard then reportedly returned fire and struck the suspect. Another person was also injured during the incident.

In June 2022, a police report states that a male was shot in the back after gunfire erupted from a vehicle.

A search of police runs in the previous year to Club Onyx unveiled frequent calls to the club on a variety of reports ranging from battery to theft to fraud to rape and more.

Club Oynx is the latest troubled bar to close its doors. A recent FOX59 investigation found that despite crime plaguing some bars, the state does little to enforce existing policies.

Recently, Tiki Bob’s Cantina in downtown Indy also announced it was closing shop after the owner refused to be a “scapegoat” for downtown crime.

Republican State Senator Ron Atling, who chairs the public policy committee, spoke the same day Tiki Bob’s announced its closure and said that the Indiana Alcohol & Tobacco Commission is too underfunded and understaffed, and has been for a while, to handle enforcing the state’s alcohol laws.

“I think you’ll see in the budget some extra money that will bump them up so that’ll be good on that,” Atling said.