INDIANAPOLIS — At least six people were shot over the span of 30 minutes overnight, including a teenager and an innocent bystander.

Police say the shooting near along Dexter, between 18th and 19th streets, took place between two groups shooting at each other from opposite sides of the street.

Three people were hit by the gunfire including a woman who was found on scene. Police describe that woman an innocent bystander who was shot in the leg.  Two other victims showed up to the hospital with gunshot wounds.

Literally dozens of evidence markers and shell casings littered Dexter street following the shooting.

“We’re just happy at this point that nobody else sitting in their living room or sitting in their bedroom got a stray round in the head and killed them,” said IMPD commander Kerry Buckner.

In fact, several windows were shattered along the street after multiple cars and homes were damaged by the gunfire.

Just a half hour before that shooting, two people, including one teenager, were shot at an apartment complex on Belhaven place.  That was followed by another victim believed to have been shot near 42nd and Meadows.

“We’re not here to force anything, but we want to make sure people have easy access to resources,” said the city’s non-fatal advocacy support director DeAndra Dycus.

In April, DeAndra and Antonia began heading up a new non-fatal shooting response team for the city. Their goal is to direct shooting survivors to resources and to share an important message.

“There’s help. We care. We need for our city to be safe,” said Antonia Bailey.

As of last week, IMPD reported 287 non-fatal shooting victims this year. That is the second highest total on the same date in recent history.

A week later the number of shooting survivors has climbed above 300 people in need of both physical and mental support.

“There’s always been resources here, but now the city is trying to put them in people’s face as much as possible,” said Dycus.

Police say the area around Dexter is considered a “hot spot” for crime, so officers were nearby and able to provide a quick response.

So far no arrests were made in any of the shootings.