ANDERSON, Ind. — Video provided by the Madison County Community News Network shows an Indiana State Police SWAT team smashing through the wall of an Anderson house after a fugitive barricaded himself inside the home for four hours on Wednesday.

State police said parole agents and ISP Detectives had tracked the fugitive — identified as 47-year-old Barry J. Willis — to the Anderson area and spotted him outside a residence located near the intersection of Menifee and 14th Street. Parole agents reportedly attempted to make contact with Willis but he fled inside the house, according to authorities.

Willis was wanted on a parole violation, according to police. His original arrest was on charges of dealing methamphetamine and possession of a handgun.

Police said the homeowner was able to escape the residence without injury and cooperated with law enforcement by verifying that Willis was the sole occupant remaining inside the Menifee Street house.

After Willis refused to exit the home, an Indiana SWAT team was deployed. Negotiators reportedly tried to make contact with Willis for more than an hour using a PA system. After these attempts failed, state police deployed a BEARCAT (Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Truck).

Using the BEARCAT, police tore a large chunk out of the home to the shock of some neighbors. The SWAT team deployed gas, utilized a K9, and even sent a drone and robot into the house in search of Willis. All tools were unsuccessful in locating him.

Police said Willis finally surrendered after more gas was deployed into the home, targetting the attic area. The standoff lasted over four hours from beginning to end.

FOX59 has reached out to state police asking if the homeowner will be compensated for the damage inflicted upon his house.