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INDIANAPOLIS – The stabbing of a North Central High School student started with an argument on Instagram, investigators say.

Wyatt Maxey, 18, faces charges of attempted murder, aggravated battery and possession of a knife on school property resulting in bodily injury, according to court documents.

The incident happened on Wednesday, Sept. 8. Maxey and a 17-year-old student were fighting outside; the fight continued inside the building. Maxey then stabbed the student multiple times, according to court documents.

Booking photo of Wyatt Maxey.

During an interview with police, Maxey said he and the senior threatened each other and “traded insults” on Instagram. They planned to fight near an apartment building on the night of Tuesday, Sept. 7, but eventually called it off because “people and kids were present” at the original location.

The students encountered each other the following morning and agreed to fight behind the J. Everett Light Career Center. Maxey said he “slammed” the other student to the ground and claimed the student and a friend then struck and kicked him multiple times during the resulting scuffle.

When the other student walked away with a friend, Maxey went after them and stabbed the teen, court documents said.

A witness recalled hearing Maxey say “Come on, let’s fight” and “Y’all got five seconds before I slice you” prior to the stabbing.

A school official tried to separate the teens but was unsuccessful until police officers intervened. The same school official recalled seeing Maxey “repeatedly” stab the other teen. Multiple witnesses identified Maxey as the student responsible for the attack, court documents said.

The teen suffered stab wounds to the heart and brain, according to court documents. He went into cardiac arrest twice after being taken to an area hospital. Hospital staff said the teen would likely be intubated for months and could not provide a long-term prognosis.

When asked by a detective if he intended to kill the other student, Maxey replied, “What else am I going to do? I don’t want to say it like that. I guess you can say I was trying to kill him, I don’t know…it just happened.”

When asked why he stabbed the teen, Maxey said “at the time it felt right,” court documents said.

Maxey told investigators he was “angry” and “not thinking” during the incident. He then apologized for his actions and said he wanted “to take responsibility for what he did,” according to court documents.

“Now that I think about it. He didn’t do nothing to me,” Maxey told a detective, who also observed that Maxey had no visible injuries.