INDIANAPOLIS — A little more than 2 weeks into 2022 and Indianapolis is already standing at 11 homicides so far.

“Our prayers and our hope is that these kinds of tragedies can be avoided and stopped all together,” said Mayor Joe Hogsett.

During a tour of new renovations at the Watkins Park Family Center on Monday, Mayor Hogsett shared he’s looking forward to what’s expected to come out of about $420 million worth of American Rescue Plan funding.

FOX59 has been following the progress of that money for months to see how it’ll support IMPD and anti-violence efforts throughout the city.

“We have taken all of you around to several different community and neighborhood organizations that are doing crime and gun violence reduction work, and I think over time, hopefully we’ll see progress being made,” Hogsett said.

Meanwhile, religious leaders are calling on communities to band together.

“It really does take all of us,” said Alex Diaz, midtown campus pastor for Traders Point Christian Church.

Diaz, along with other church leaders, hosted a Prayer Walk for the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday. The walk, which was also in collaboration with Wheeler Mission, hosted several groups walking throughout downtown to promote Dr. King’s message of peace, unity and equality.

“His work was of course for people who had been oppressed to be recognized as people, to have their dignity and their identity recognized, but he never meant for anybody to be left behind,” said Diaz. “He always fought for people from every background to come together.”

As the city works to heal after another violent weekend, Diaz hopes many will utilize and honor Dr. King’s way of life beyond just one day.

“We would be really standing on the wrong side of this if we were fighting violence with violence. That’s not what we want to do,” Diaz said. “Just like Dr. King did, we want to be able to do this in peace, in unity, in love and reconciliation.”